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Everyone Outside

We’re here to help make the outdoors accessible and welcoming for everyone.

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What We Do

Film & Events

Our Shared Outdoors will use our platform to amplify and promote change within the outdoor community by hosting and supporting film events. Encouraging participation and leadership from under represented individuals and communities to bring about change.

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We want to give agency to those who struggle to see ‘people like them’ represented in the outdoors.
We do this by passionately advocating the outdoors as a space to be shared by all.

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About OSO

Our Shared Outdoors was created to celebrate, amplify and increase the visibility of diversity in the outdoors. We want to build a diverse community of people who feel represented, heard and welcome in all outdoor spaces.

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OSO Film Events

Our Shared Outdoors will be creating a range of film events and premieres in 2022, with a focus on diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors. For now, here are a few films we’re watching at home or waiting to be released!

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Please check back later, or contact us to host a film evening!

Instagram Resources

Join us on instagram for the latest news, resources and events.

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Get Involved!

Our Shared Outdoors is a growing initiative and we would love to see you get involved. Please follow us on Instagram to see more of our updates and support our work or get in touch with us directly.

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Our Shared Outdoors is working to redefine the outdoor narrative to become inclusive to all